Pricing Plans

Residential Internet Plans

10 Mb Internet

10 Mb download and 5 Mb upload

$31.95 / mo*
25 Mb Internet

25 Mb download and 10 Mb upload

$41.95 / mo*
50 Mb Internet

50 Mb download and 10 Mb upload

$51.95 / mo*
75 Mb Internet

75 Mb download and 10 Mb upload

$61.95 / mo*
150 Mb Internet

150 Mb download and 10 Mb upload

$81.95 / mo*
250 Mb Internet

250 Mb download and 20 Mb upload

$99.95 / mo*
Internet Boost

Increase performance by matching your download speed to your upload speed.

$20.00 / mo

We can install, manage and maintain your home Wi-Fi to give you the best broadband Internet connection possible.

Managed Wi-Fi Extended

Guarantee the best experience possible with Managed Wi-Fi from WTC. A low monthly cost covers all on-going maintenance and equipment replacement.

$5.95 / mo
Managed Wi-Fi Plus

Extended offers the same great features as Managed Wi-Fi, but includes a dual band router that covers a larger area and is perfect for higher bandwidth connections.

$6.95 / mo
Managed Wi-Fi Pro/Outdoor

Take your Wi-Fi outdoors! All the features included with Managed Wi-Fi Plus, and weather proof.
Requires Managed Wi-Fi or Managed Wi-Fi Extended

$8.95 / mo

*A $7.00 discount or surcharge may apply, depending on the number of services taken.